Baby Shower Collection of Printable Party and Scrapbooking Supplies Free Download

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12x12 Baby Shower Printable Layouts Download Links:

4x6 Printable Baby Shower Bottle Caps Download Links:

Baby Shower Digital Stickers Download Links:

Printable Baby Shower Candy Wrappers Download Links:

Printable Editable Baby Shower Gift Tags Download Links:

4x6 Baby Shower Invitation Collections Download Links:


My Free Bottle Cap Template Download

This is a 4x6 inch bottle cap template.  Use your favorite image editing software that allows you to place layers over other image and add text if you wish.

Recommended programs include:

Make sure you add something UNDER the image layer itself or it will appear blank if you don't have the transparent checkerboard option selected.

Here's the link:

Free Bottle Cap Template 4x6 Download Link


We are about to give everything away for FREE!

Ok, well almost everything.  Most of the graphics that were in the original shop, will now have a tutorial video and a link to where you can download the graphics you have seen in action right here.  Please subscribe any way that you can so that you don't miss a thing.

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In the process of merging everything over to youtube.

Most everything will now be given away for free.  You will now see a tutorial and a link to download your free product.  Please be patient.  Thank you so much for all your support.  Please feel free to request new items as you need them.  They will be for public personal use and not for commercial or resale.